A Test and the Results – All Clear!

Last week, I had an endoscopy.  Nothing major had happened to trigger the interest in such a procedure but my doctor just wanted to look around and make sure all was well.  After being on medicine for GERD since 2007, I was ok with that.  The procedure itself was no big deal at all.  The rest of the day is a foggy blur but I didn’t suffer from any discomfort as a result of the test.  Some people have a sore throat but luckily I was spared that!  Especially since I had that fierce-ass cold brewing.  After the test, my doctor came in and said everything looked good (YAY!) but they found a few polyps that needed to be biopsied.  He said they were probably benign, caused by the meds I take, but they were going to test them to be sure.  Well, today, they finally called with the results and confirmed that they were indeed benign.  Happy day!!!  My only question now is, will I continue to get these polyps if I have to be on this medicine for life??  I REALLY feel a major sense of urgency about getting off this medication now.  Already it was something in the forefront of my mind and now, it is even more so.  Guess I will be making a call to them this week.

In other news, I have totally fallen off the wagon over the last couple of days.  We attended a birthday party where I ate pretty much anything not nailed down and then, my husband went out of town which always makes me want to eat out.  It feels like I have a gushing wound and I need to stop the flow before things really get out of hand!!  I’m in that mode where I keep saying in my mind, “Tomorrow I will eat better”, which is just the lie I tell myself in order to permit me to eat badly in the moment.  Very dangerous thinking and I know it has to stop.

I do try to start the day out right and lately have been trying to incorporate more comforting things in the hopes that starting off with something soothing will help me feel good all day.  Ever since we went to Ireland in 2011 I have loved having a hot pot of tea in the morning to relax and greet the day with.  I had to take a break for a while because of some inflammatory issues with my skin but lately I’ve been able to reintroduce it without any problems.  It’s very nice and I’m kind of a snob about the tea I drink.  It has to be Bewley’s loose tea because, for whatever reason, it just tastes better to me!  Growing up all we ever had was Lipton, which was great, it’s what I knew and loved but when I tried Bewleys’ tea in Ireland, there was no looking back.  It is smooth and a truly beautiful color.  It makes me happy to see it in my tea cup.  Now when I have a cup of Lipton tea, it has a bitter bite to it that I just don’t care for anymore.  Bewley’s is the tea for me!!

The next couple of days are going to be busy, filled with homeschooling activities for my boys so I don’t anticipate cooking anything new.  BUT I did get a new Cooking Light cookbook called, “Crave” and it is teeming with amazingly delicious looking recipes that I’m planning to try.

And because I know every post is boring without a picture here is one of my breakfast from yesterday morning.  A cup of tea, an English muffin topped with strawberry jam, alongside a link of chicken breakfast sausage.  Hey, don’t knock it til you try it!!  Alfresco Chicken Sausage Country Style is DELICIOUS!!  It’s a great healthful replacement for pork links!!

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