About Me

So, who is the person behind the blog?  Gawd, I hate writing these kinds of things so I’ll just hit on some bullet points instead.

  • Born and raised in the South although I’m not particularly good at preparing Southern food.  It’s shameful really but I just learned how to make good sweet tea this year and, fried chicken? Yeah, if I make it, you probably don’t want to eat it.
  • Mom of two boys and they rock!  When I was a young girl I swore I wasn’t going to have boys.  They were mean.  MEAN.  I wanted nothing to do with raising any.  Mine are the most amazing gift though and I absolutely love every day we spend together.
  • My favorite food above all else is hot dogs.  One day I hope to take a tour of the US and taste all of the different regional hot dogs.  Of course, I might need to walk the tour so I don’t weigh 300lbs by the time I’m done.
  • My guilty pleasures are watching Judge Judy, Supernatural, and Shahs of Sunset.  Don’t hate.  You know you watch something stupid, too.
  • The things I watch that I DON’T feel guilty about are Castle, Major Crimes, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, and Mad Men. In case you’re wondering, David Tennant.
  • I’ve been married to the most amazing man since 1998.  It took me 2 years to convince him to go out with me but it was worth the wait.  He makes me happier than I could possibly deserve to be.
  • Recently I’ve gotten into sewing and knitting and have become shockingly fond of knitting in particular.  It’s so relaxing!  Except for the times when I completely screw up my project.  LOL
  • I used to have my own business as a portrait photographer.  I found, however, that I didn’t enjoy all the paperwork that accompanied the job so it seemed wise to close my business.  My clients were all great.  I was very lucky to never run into anyone who was unpleasant.  Maybe that just meant I was good at what I did?  😉

Hopefully, this was a little more interesting than the standard about me page but, if it wasn’t, just be thankful that you only had to read it once.  🙂

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