An Exercise – the Mental Kind. :)

Yesterday I had my bi-weekly appointment with my nutritionist and she was, as usual, very supportive of me in my time of need. You may recall from my last post that for the last couple of months I have been a bit lacking in the motivation department. I was feeling like I was doing good with the weight loss I had accomplished and perhaps I really didn’t need to try for anymore. Really though, that is my inner lazy person talking. She hates to do anything that presents too much of a challenge and she prefers to do things the easy way. So her voice got mighty loud in my ear and nearly had me convinced to quit my journey right here and now. Well, Bernadette (my nutritionist) suggested that I write myself a letter, outlining how I where I’d like to be in 8 weeks. I think I can do that. 🙂

Dear Me,

You have worked so hard to get this far and you know what a struggle it was to even get started with this journey last year. In the next 8 weeks, wouldn’t it be great to have lost 10-15 more lbs and go down another size in clothes? I know I would like that very much. In 8 weeks, I will be fully rededicated to living a healthy lifestyle. By the time 8 weeks gets here, I will recognize that I won’t always make the best choice but 80% of the time I will choose the healthy option. At the end of 8 weeks, I will be in the 150’s!! Stop messing around, Evie and DO THIS!!!

Love, Yourself

Today I did a pretty good job of staying on track. I woke up and exercised, (HUGE DEAL) ate right all day long, and didn’t give in to the temptation to buy a milkshake (which I wanted very badly). In order to help keep my mind on other things besides feeding my face 24/7, I have taken up a new hobby – sewing! This is my new friend.

Singer 4411 sewing machine

When I was younger, both my mother and grandmother attempted to teach me how to sew. I had the basics down but just couldn’t figure out how to get the machine to cooperate. Well, this machine and I are getting along just fine, thank you very much, and we are well on our way to creating some beautiful and useful things together. I have actually decided to make a quilt for my bed. This is a big project because our bed is a king size so Im practicing with something smaller, a doll-size quilt. 🙂 I figure once I get the basics down it won’t be so scary to try the big quilt and my niece will have something fun to play with, too. Check back for a picture of my completed starter quilt this week. I plan to have it finished tomorrow.

All in all, I am feeling much better about where I need to be mentally and where I want to be physically. In my heart, I have to admit that being where I am now is great but I really want to be about 20lbs lighter. The hard work just seemed very daunting. Now I am just going to focus on one pound at a time and let myself get there when I get there. Don’t you think that seems reasonable? 🙂

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