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Yesterday’s Eats

For those of you who are new, let me give a brief refresher on what I’m doing. I read a book called, The Fat Fallacy by Will Clower and it completely changed the way I look at the food I eat. GET THIS BOOK or get the updated version. You won’t be sorry. It’s all […]

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Fooling Myself

Friends, I have been in deep denial. I somehow have been able to rationalize eating unhealthy food, which I haven’t documented here. Frozen Pizzas, hot dogs, and McDonalds are not great choices and once in a very long while, it’s ok to eat something like that. However, I have been eating like that a lot […]

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Weight Down A Little More!

Got up this morning and weighed 189. Yeah baby!! It has been a good while since that number popped up on the scale. I’m feeling really good about losing weight and getting healthy following Will Clower’s method. I’ve been feeling better, sharper mentally, and just plain good! Now with starting yoga as well I expect […]

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