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Today’s Eats – Barely Anything

Today I had my doctor’s appointment, you know, the one where I was considering dressing my hoo-hoo in a costume? Well I chickened out of that but I had a good appointment nonetheless. I didn’t want to eat beforehand on account of I like that weight to be as low as possible! I was 192. […]

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Recent Eats

I’ve been a tad under the weather, friends so my recent eats have been pretty slim to none. Yesterday I didn’t manage to eat breakfast but I did eat some soup for lunch. Our grocery store carries some all natural soups that are pretty darn good, no additives, no preservatives. They were running a by […]

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Today’s Eats

I have GOT to start getting up earlier and stop being such a biotch when Sean’s alarm goes off at 6:00am. Lately what has been happening when the clock goes off is the puppy wakes up and I take her out, come back upstairs and kick Sean’s ass out of bed because he’s gone back […]

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