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Doing Much Better

It took some soul-searching but I think I have finally settled on something that is going to get me back on track. A few years ago, after the birth of my first child, my Gyn told me I needed to lose weight. She was concerned about my health. Funny thing is, I was 20lbs lighter […]

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Here we go!

So, after visiting the doctor I had a coming to Jesus party for myself. Things have got to change or else my life will be miserable and I don’t want to be miserable. I’ve implemented some changes in my life that should help with that and here is what they are. First of all, I’m […]

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Favorite Christmas Cookie

There’s nothing remotely Christmasy looking about this cookie. The only reason I associate it with Christmas is because my mom made them every year during the holidays and I adore them. They have a decadent, buttery crust and then the top layer consists of brown sugar, sliced almonds and coconut. It is baked until it […]

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