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Oh. My. God.

Remember how much I love these from Panera? Well, after scanning the internet for a recipe, I got lucky and found a message on a board from someone who bakes at Panera and, while they couldn’t divulge the actual recipe, they did give a general how-to which I followed today. It’s not as pretty as […]

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mmmmm…Cornbread Dressing

Well, here it is. If my mother were dead she’d be rolling over in her grave but she’s not so she’ll just be pissed if she sees this. Thankfully, for me, my parents have little to no interest in either one of my blogs so I’m pretty safe in posting this here without fear. Remember […]

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Mamaw’s Cornbread

So today I made up a batch of my Mamaw’s cornbread. I never had the pleasure of meeting her, she was my mother’s grandmother, was 1/2 Native American, and died a long, long, time ago. When my mom would spend summers with her, she had to use an outhouse, ok? Long time ago. Anyway, this […]

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