Deep breath in…..exhale…..Today’s Eats

Thank you for sticking by me during my minor meltdown. I’ve had a lot of stuff simmering just beneath the surface and I think it all came to a head yesterday. I’m feeling a lot better today and with my emotions in check it’s been easy to keep my eating in check, too.

I began the day with what I consider to be the ultimate breakfast: scrambled eggs.


I cooked three eggs in 2 tsps of butter and Iain and I split them. I’m very particular about my eggs. They cannot be dry nor runny. They must be creamy and buttery. Oh so delicious. This consistency is achieved by cooking them over low heat and stirring them often. I add a touch of salt and a couple of grinds of fresh pepper. Really such a great way to start the day. I also had a glass of whole milk 6-8oz.

For lunch I prepared Cream of Mushroom Soup. I don’t think I will ever eat canned again because homemade is absolutely delicious. The only thing about it that has me in a quandary is how will I make green bean casserole?! I will worry about that at Thanksgiving.

Anyway, again I used organic baby bella mushrooms which are just so flavorful! When it was ready, I had a ladleful of soup and then a salad topped with sliced red peppers, bacon bits, and ranch dressing, maybe a Tbs of dressing. This was really satisfying. The warmth of the soup and the crunch of the salad are such a great pairing.


You see the two breadsticks in the picture? I didn’t eat them. They were there because I thought the plate needed something else on it.

Tonight I think I’m going to cook the asian-flavored dish for dinner. I’ll update when I’m done.

Also, I owe Stephanie a post on how I’m eating and I will work on that and get that done tonight as well.


Well, I finally cooked my Asian-flavored dish.


I’d tell you how I did it but I was just making it up as I went along. It was pretty good but I forgot to account for the saltiness in soy sauce so the the dish was a little bit too salty. All in all it feels like today was a good eating day!

carri - Everything looks so good. I was inspired and made my own mushroom soup Monday. Oh. My. God. Nuf said.

whimsigal - Hey carri! Yay, you made your won mushroom masterpiece!

Isn’t is crazy how easy it is to make your own soup? I think it’s one of the most satisfying things to prepare for yourself. With mushroom soup, the most labor intensive thing is chopping up the mushrooms. Once that’s done it’s a pretty quick process.

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