Don’t Give Up!

I wanted to write you today and share something really personal.  If you’ve ever battled your weight, some of this will probably feel incredibly familiar to you.  Over the last several years I really let myself get into a bad place physically and emotionally.  I didn’t value myself enough to make changes that would really manifest into something meaningful for my physical well-being.  Every day was a constant barrage of negative thoughts, beating myself up for being so weak, and then trying to comfort that hurt with food.  it’s a stupid cycle to get into but, that is where I found myself.  Many times I would utter the words, “I’m ok with how I look”, but that was a lie spoken by my inner voice to keep me from succeeding.

Now that I am back on track, (down 15lbs thank you very much!) I want to speak to you about where you are in your life’s journey.  Don’t let that inner voice drag you down.  Tell it to shut the hell up.  You are worth getting yourself healthy.  You are worth being around for your family and friends.  You. Are. Worth. It.  Negative thoughts result in negative results.  Love yourself enough to make even just some small changes today.  Maybe you get out and walk for 15 minutes.  Don’t walk at a breakneck speed, just get out there and move.  Maybe, instead of soda with lunch, you have water with lemon.  Take some small steps just for you.  Add a new small step each day or each week and you will be surprised at how they add up into big changes for you.

I could sit and be extremely pissed at myself all day for essentially wasting years of my life by being obese but that would not be productive.  Instead, I thank me for not giving up on myself, for saying out loud, “I’m worth it!!” and meaning it.  Do something kind for yourself today and above all, do not give up.  If I can do this, you can do this and that is a fact.  I am someone who detested exercise and would revolt at the thought of eating the way I am right now.

I’m not saying you need to do what I’m doing as far as eating or exercising goes.  What I’m doing works for me.  But love yourself enough to explore what will work for you.  There is something out there for everyone and every lifestyle you just have to find the changes you can live with and start there.  I’m in your corner, ready to cheer you on!!  Don’t give up.  Set small goals and shout from the rooftops when you achieve them.  Just don’t give up!!!

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