Fooling Myself

Friends, I have been in deep denial. I somehow have been able to rationalize eating unhealthy food, which I haven’t documented here. Frozen Pizzas, hot dogs, and McDonalds are not great choices and once in a very long while, it’s ok to eat something like that. However, I have been eating like that a lot during the week and have been cooking less and less. My weight is back at 192, after having lost 3lbs by following the principles set forth by Dr. Clower in The Fat Fallacy so now is the time for me to get a grip. The holidays can be such a difficult time for dieters but for people who eat whole foods, not processed foods, it can be a cornucopia of delights. Eating whole foods in the proper portion sizes is my goal, along with banning all junk food through the end of the year. Not only is it bad for my waistline but it’s bad for my wallet as well. You will begin to see more posts from me again regarding what I’m eating because it’s gotten to the point of ridiculousness here. It is possible to lose weight eating good food. One just has to make the conscious choice to do it.

Thanks for sticking around and hopefully, you’ll find the site a little more interesting once I get back on track.

Mama Podkayne - I’m with you there. I’m not overweight now BUT I have a genetic disorder that causes weight spikes and blood sugar issues and now I’m pregnant and even more at risk for diabetes and the other effects.

I worked with a nutritionist years ago because it was affecting my fertility (obviously pre Lil’Bug!). He suggested a version of South Beach diet and we adapted it. 1) I am short. Portions listed are not portions for me. I’m at 3/4 a listed portion. 2) no processed foods. Preservatives are not your friend. We make convenience foods at home and freeze them. Egg rolls, pizzas, soups, whole meals….3) No white sugar. Substitute raw, not brown. No white flour. Whole grain. Make it count. 4) Organic Yogurt. Yum. 5) Milk in a glass as a snack. Citrus juice at meals. Vit c helps absorb nutrients and milk can block them!

I’m thinking about posting holiday meal plans and our weekly menus as a ting on my blog. I have a 3 year old, she has to like what we eat too!

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