It has been a long, long, time

Wow, when I clicked on the blog this morning to look up a recipe for a friend, I was stunned when I saw that I haven’t been on here since July. Then, when I thought about what all has been going on for the last several months, I wasn’t THAT surprised.

In my last post, I was talking about how my meds for heartburn hadn’t been working so I decided to try just Zantac on my own. Well, that ended up not working out at all. So there I was, off to see a specialist and, one barium x-ray later, I was on a new prescription…this time for Protonix…and on my way to feeling much, much, better. I’m still holding steady at 192 after losing several pounds because I couldn’t eat anything. A couple pounds came back on but that’s ok. At least I can eat now.

The one really depressing thing that has happened to me is, I really can’t seem to get my cooking groove back. Now that I can eat, I just don’t feel inspired to actually prepare anything wonderful for myself. Perfect example. Last night, instead of doing something with the fresh chicken breasts and veggies in my refrigerator, I opted to cook a grilled cheese sandwich, accompanied by a pickle. Now, that’s thrilling isn’t it? I do want to cook more and prepare fun, easy dishes but just haven’t hit that point where I’m really motivated to do it. I do have to prepare Christmas Day dinner for my whole family this year and am looking forward to that. I want to WANT to cook every day though!!

Of course, it would seem I’m falling into the same old patterns that I always follow with my way of eating. There are always a million reasons that I can come up with that it’s not convenient to cook for myself. What I need to do is just suck it up and eat right and exercise. Have you ever seen the move “The Color Purple”? There is a scene in it that keeps repeating in my mind and I would swear it’s my body talking to me. The scene I’m talking about is when Celie confronts Danny Glover’s character about how badly he has treated her. She says, “Until you do right by me, everything you even think about is gonna fail”. And I think that is where I am right now. My body has had it and something has got to give. I’m not going to truly feel good until I do right by it.

I’m sorry it has been so long since I last posted and my plan is to get back on the wagon and start cooking beautiful, delicious meals again. I hope that, where ever you are, your holiday season is blessed, full of love and happiness. Come back and check for a new post this week. 🙂

Andrew's Mom - I hope Whimsigal gets her groove back! Happy Holidays. I’m one of those folks that keeps checking and was happy to see an update.

EC - Oh you made my heart leap with joy when I saw that!! It’s so nice to know that someone is still with me!!!

Laila - I bought this medicine called Zantac, since I have this stomach ulcer, it relieves my stomach acidity. No adverse effects, I did follow the right directions and dose and what do you know it did a great job. Two thumbs up for this. I got the med online the site is

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