Meatloaf, Beatloaf, I hate meatloaf…not really

Recognize that Meatloaf line anyone? It’s from one of my favorite movies of all time. Can you guess it?

Yesterday was another good eats day for me! Yaaaay! I got up and had biscuits again for breakfast and then I had shrimp and grits leftovers for lunch. You know, in my post yesterday, I mentioned that I had fixed the grits with chicken broth instead of milk or cream combined with water and for me personally, I have to say that the milk version is my preference. You try it both ways and let me know which way you think is best.

I snacked on two or three chocolate chip cookies yesterday but that was it as far as snacks went. My sister called yesterday afternoon and we took all the kids down to the park for a walk on the trail. We weren’t walking at a breakneck speed but we were out for a while and we were moving and that’s what was important.

In a direct response to increasing grocery prices I have been trying to figure out how to better plan our meals so I can utilize the food we buy in the most efficient way possible. A couple of nights ago, I made a big batch of Baked Macaroni and Cheese and froze half of it for another time. Last night, I took the remainder, freshened it up a bit with a couple of splashes of milk and a little more cheese and popped it into the oven with delicious results.
mac and cheese pre-ovenmacaroni and cheese

With that I was serving a Turkey Meatloaf. I love Meatloaf and so does my husband and nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing him enjoy my cooking. I took about a pound and a half of ground turkey and mixed in some chopped peppers and onions, one beaten egg, a Tbs of dijon mustard, a Tbs of Worcestershire sauce, 1 tsp of salt, freshly ground pepper, and a half a cup of bread crumbs. Oh yeah! A generous sprinkle of dried parsley, too! Formed it into a loaf and popped it into a 400 degree oven for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, I drizzled some ketchup on the top and cooked it for about 20 more minutes. It was pretty good!!
turkey meatloaf

Going along with my goal to cook at least one new recipe a week, I prepared a vegetable that I had never worked with before, broccolini. My sister has sung the praises of this veggie many, many times but I have just never bought it. After last night, it may well become a staple around here. It was freaking delicious! First, I trimmed some of the leaves off the long stalks but I actually think you could skip this. Then, after asking my sister about it, I blanched them for a couple of minutes to make them a little tender before sauteeing them in a skillet with 2 tsps of olive oil, a touch of butter and one clove of garlic put through a press. I think next time I would steam the broccolini instead of submerging it in water but oh. my. god. It was FABULOUS!

For my plate, I had small portions of each and couldn’t eat it all. It was a delicious filling meal.
dinner 4/1/08

I’m feeling so good about where I am right now but I’m trying not to get too confident. Usually about the time that happens, I flub it up.

Have you ever had broccolini? What is your favorite vegetable?

Mama Podkayne - Broccoli. Yum. We sautee it with generous amounts of butter, lemon (or lime) juice, and ground pepper covered until tender then uncover until it caramelizes the florets (looks burned, tastes amazing). It is my craving so we have it 3+ times a week. Sometimes with breakfast.

I tried the same thing with asparagus and it was also good but harder to cook the stalks consistently.

betty75 - Mmm, turkey meatloaf & broccoli are a staple in our house. I’m actually fixing turkey meatloaf tonight. I’m glad you liked the broccolini. Next time you might want to try with a little lemon zest & parmesean cheese. It’s delicious that way.

Homeschooling Mama - Yum, we all need to have dinner at your house! 🙂 We love meatloaf but haven’t had it in ages. I had never heard of Broccolini, sure looks good though. My favorite veggie would be steamed broccoli probably.

carri - Nope, never tried broccolini. I’ve heard of it on cooking shows and such. I’ll definitely have to look for it now.

As for my favorite vegetable, do mushrooms count? Man I love those things. Chris tells me that I am really a hobbit underneath it all.

Bridget - Thank you for recommending “The Fat Fallacy!” I checked it out from the library and my sister & I both read it in one day. It’s great…and it makes sense. Tonight we had our dinner in courses. It was nothing fancy, but we did eat slower and enjoyed it more. I’m now studying every label even more closely and avoiding the junk.

Thanks again for recommending it!

My favorite veggies: (none are actually real veggies, pitiful!!!) tomatoes,cucumber, onion, avocado.

whimsigal - bridget I’m glad you enjoyed the book! It is a lifestyle changer!

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