Mini goals

I have been doing a lot of thinking and soul-searching lately. After finding myself at the center of a family drama (which I had a hand in) I turned away completely from my dietary/lifestyle objectives. All I wanted to do was wallow in self-pity. Well, enough is enough. I’m done feeling bad because that doesn’t serve any purpose at all. It’s time to get a grip and start making some positive changes, even if they’re only small ones for now. Here are my goals for the immediate future:

  1. This week, I am going to cook every meal my family eats. There won’t be any fast food eaten by anyone in this house, except for Sean because he works outside of the home and I can’t control that.
  2. I’m going to prepare homemade snacks for my family as well. At the grocery store today I didn’t buy any chips or yucky snacky things and am planning to fix some goodies instead.
  3. This week, I’m going to start moving either by doing a workout video or going for a walk with the boys or both. My goal is to move my body in a directed fashion at least once a day.
  4. Each month I would like to lose 5 lbs. I think that is a reasonable goal to set.
  5. I am going to try at least one new recipe a week. Have already started that tonight by cooking collard greens.
  6. I am going to be gentle with myself. If I fall down in my task of mindful eating, I will not beat myself up over it. I will just do better the next go round.

Right now, the greens are simmering on the stove, I cooked some fabulous biscuits earlier, and I’m getting ready to make some baked macaroni and cheese. I was craving a southern meal and tonight we’re having Fried Chicken Breasts, Mac and Cheese, and Collards. The biscuits are for breakfast tomorrow. Of course, all of these things will have to be eaten in small portions because if I fill my plate with them, I will overeat and continue to be overweight. Tonight I begin practicing eating the right portion size.

I have already taken some pictures of the cooking I’ve done this afternoon and am coming back tonight to record it here.

Stephanie S. - Hey!!!
Me, too!
Several days ago I decided “no crackers. no (not homemade cookies. No processed foods.”
I did buy a giant thing of organic, multi-grain pretzels at Costco, but that was it.
I saved $70 at the natural market, and $80 at Harmon’s!!!
wth? Full baskets, too.
Good for you.
I’m with you.

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