My Taste Buds Are A Changin’

Interestingly, when I embarked on this whole food journey, one thing I did not think to anticipate was the changing of my taste buds. Well, maybe I expected it to happen just not this quickly. Last night as we were eating the “natural” rice that had come in a package with a seasoning packet I was struck by how incredibly salty it was. Nothing was added by me, I only followed the instructions on the box and man! It was very, very salty to me. In addition to that, I made sweet tea last night and I’ve never considered my tea to be uber-sweet. But last night it was bordering on syrupy sweet and at first I was confused about that. I actually went and pulled out the measuring cup I had used to pour in the sugar because it seemed that I may have accidentally used a 1cup measure instead of 1/2. Nope. I had used a 1/2 cup of sugar for 2 quarts of tea and it tasted too sweet.

Today I’m going to experiment and use 1/4 cup of sugar and see what the taste difference is there. I think my palette is just so clean of gunk that I’m actually able to really taste my food now. It’s kind of like how smokers palettes get dull over time and how all that changes once they quit.

Sorry if you’re sitting there thinking, “Big Deal. So what?” but it was really striking to me the difference in the taste of food! It will be interesting to see what else tastes different.

Nicole - It really is amazing how this happens! After I started cooking more, eating less processed foods and hardly eating out at all, it happened to me too. I can hardly stand to eat out now unless it’s at a really nice place because the food just doesn’t taste good anymore. I was driving my family crazy when I was back in the states because they think I’m too picky now 🙂

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