Quickly Checking in!

So Wednesday was a crappy eating day. I skipped breakfast altogether because I woke up late and had to get the boys to a dental appointment. After that, I came home and had an egg salad sandwich for lunch and a chocolate chip cookie. Dinner was pitiful. Sean didn’t get home until really late so I just popped a bag of popcorn and watched the CSI Miami marathon on A&EHD. It’s the cheesiest show. Ever. But I’m so addicted to it, it’s ridiculous!

Thursday was a little better. I had two biscuits for breakfast along with a cup of tea. For lunch I had another egg salad sandwich and for dinner well, I can’t remember dinner. I know I was proud of myself because this week I have done a great job of using what’s in the fridge!

Friday morning, I woke up and had two biscuits and one egg and a cup of tea. At lunch, I made some homemade cream of mushroom soup and it was heavenly!! It’s been really cold, dreary, and rainy around here and the soup seriously hit the spot. For dinner, it was leftover night. We still had meatloaf and mac and cheese in the fridge and I had some brussel sprouts that I needed to use. I ended up letting Sean have the meatloaf and mac and cheese and I ate a huge portion of the brussel sprouts. It was delicious!!

Sorry for not keeping up with things for a few days. I’m going to weigh myself on Monday and am hoping to see a 1lb loss. Keep your fingers crossed!

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