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I’ve been a tad under the weather, friends so my recent eats have been pretty slim to none. Yesterday I didn’t manage to eat breakfast but I did eat some soup for lunch. Our grocery store carries some all natural soups that are pretty darn good, no additives, no preservatives. They were running a by one get one free special so I got one container of New England Clam Chowder and one of Charleston She-Crab Soup. Mmmm-mm good! Here’s my bowl of soup from yesterday:

new england clam chowder.jpg

I spent a lot of the day on the sofa because I felt incredibly weak. Last year around this same time I was diagnosed with extreme fatigue. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the time of year, or time of the month if you catch my drift, but I’ve been pretty exhausted for the past couple of days. I did manage to take the boys to the park for a little bit yesterday but then spent the rest of the night on the sofa. For dinner I had a bag of organic microwave popcorn and a Coke.

This morning I was determined to get off to a good start. There was some leftover french bread in the freezer so after thawing it out, I used it to make some french toast. Usually when I make french toast it turns out AWFUL. Have no idea why that is but sometimes the things that are the simplest for most people are the hardest for me. LOL Today though, someone was looking over me because the french toast this morning was delicious. Even Iain liked it! He said it tasted like the french toast at Disney World! Here’s a shot of it:

french toast.jpg

For lunch, I simply had a hot dog and some water then a couple of squares of chocolate. For dinner I was going to fix pork chops, brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes but I only got around to the brussel sprouts and potatoes. The brussels were good! I used to despise these things but once I used the Barefoot Contessa’s recipe, which involves bacon, I was hooked. I’ll post a picture of them tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s eats are going to be interesting. My sister and I are meeting up with RinnyBoo at the State Fair and I’m looking forward to having some fair food!

Good night!

Stephanie - we love french toast around here.
we make it with a tad of vanilla as well as cinnamon, and eat it with butter and powdered sugar instead of syrup.
When we have berries in the garden (or the freezer) we throw those on as well.
Yours looks beautiful!

whimsigal - Egads, butter and powdered sugar sounds divine!! I’m going to try that next time for sure.

Thanks for the tip, and the compliment!


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