Scratch-Made Pizza!!!

Have you ever done something and failed miserably? Has that experience made you think you just weren’t destined to be successful at that task? I have. ANything to do with creating something with yeast has been the bane of my existence for a very long time. Either my yeast was too old or I would kill it with water that was too hot. Well, today I wanted to make pizza for my boys from scratch. While their eating habits certainly need some major improvements, I realize that those changes aren’t going to take place overnight and that baby steps are what are called for here. Pizza for dinner? Ok, fine. But we’re not ordering Pizza Hut or Domino’s nor are we getting Totino’s Party Pizzas (oh I do love those) or Red Baron. If pizza is what’s for dinner, then I get to control the ingredients and it’s going to be really homemade.

My sister told me about a pizza dough recipe that she uses by Tyler Florence so, once I located one I gathered my ingredients and got to work. You can see the recipe on the Food Network’s website here:

The first thing that thrilled me to no end was, I managed to get the yeast part right. I didn’t kill it!!!! It was beautiful and foamy in the bowl. Next, I followed the directions for mixing it in my stand mixer then allowed it to rise for one hour. After an hour, I had two beautiful dough balls that I was able to top with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese. Here is what it looked like from beginning to end.


The boys loved it and I got to feel good about giving them a more reasonable version of one of their favorite foods!!! Also, if I can make this, YOU can make this. Believe me on that, ok?

Alisha - Looks like you did a lovely job. 🙂

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