Starting Something New – Nutrisystem

Losing weight has been a losing battle for me. I started this blog in 2007 and am in basically the same situation I was back then. Over the years I have read countless books and magazines on the topic of losing weight and in the end, just found myself confused about which path to take. Which one was right for me? I was just plain frustrated. Well, this week I decided to take thinking out of the equation altogether for a while. My brain needs a break from trying to figure out what to eat and I need to see some success at the same time. So what did I do you might be wondering. I signed up for Nutrisystem.

Janet Jackson wasn’t the reason I did it. Nor were Terry Bradshaw or Marie Osmond. I signed up for Nutrisystem because it is afforable and gives my mind a break from the noise I was hearing with all my thoughts trying to battle out which diet was the right one for me. Will Nutrisystem work? I hope so. Today, all my food arrived and I will freely admit to being a teensy bit freaked out that everything is shelf stable. For whatever reason I was thinking that some of the things had to be frozen. At any rate, I’m starting tomorrow and hopefully will see great results this month!!

So my plan for now is to post pictures of my daily meals and list which ones I like and which ones I don’t and why. I will also keep track of my stats. If you’d like to come by and cheer me on, I welcome your support!!

Krista - Looking forward to seeing updates on your NutriSystem journey!!! You’ll do awesome!

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