The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

I’m not dead. Yeah, I know you were thinking I had fallen face-down into a vat of caramel or something and had OD’d but fear not! I yet live. Last week was a rough one though because our house was infected by some kind of ass-kicking cold and I didn’t cook as much as I would have liked. However, in spite of eating out a couple of times, really it wasn’t a bad week eats-wise overall.

Thanks to my handy dandy menu planning, grocery shopping has been quite breezy and affordable here lately. I’m liking the whole menu thing and fully intend to keep that up. The kids have been enjoying their involvement in the process, too, and I expect that, as time goes on, they will grow accustomed to eating healthier foods. It’s not going to happen overnight because they haven’t been raised to eat that way but with time I’m hopeful that things will get better.

About me. This morning I had a quick, small breakfast of one Alexia Biscuit. These things are delicious and are so close to homemade tasting it is ridiculous. It’s a pricey option but sometimes, I don’t feel like standing in the kitchen making biscuits. No, I want to sit on the sofa, waiting for the ovven to preheat while taking in the glorious sights on re-runs of “Third Watch” on A&E. Bosco is yummy to look at, what can I say? But these biscuits are made from all natural ingredients so I feel a lot less guilty eating one of these:

as opposed to eating a McDonald’s biscuit. Look for them in your grocer’s freezer section. I promise you will love them. And no, I’m not getting paid a single cent to promote them they’re just that damn good.

For lunch, my sister took me out to a wonderful little local restaurant and I had an Italian deli-style sandwich with a small side salad. The salad was fabulous because they use nice, dark green lettuce, along with julienned zucchini and carrots. Not that there’s anything wrong with iceberg but I enjoy a hearty salad when I go out to eat.

For dinner, the boys wanted to go out for pizza and, since Sean wasn’t home for dinner tonight, I was happy to oblige. Here is what my piece looked like:
In the spirit of full disclosure, this picture is of a piece of pizza that I ate last year but I swear, the one I ate tonight looked JUST like this. Except it had yellow peppers instead of green but that was the only difference! It was funny because I really didn’t want pizza and did my darndest to convince the boys to choose something else but in the end, that pizza was goooood.

Now, my belly is full and I am finished eating for the night. My weight is actually down another pound to 197. It’s slow but I’m good with that. I’m trying to make changes and choices that I can live my life with and not do a crash diet that will send me off on a binge when a stressful moment strikes. Tonight, I’m going to sit snuggled up under a blanket and watch “the Closer” and “Saving Grace”. It’s nice to feel like I’m on the right track for a change.

I’ll be back tomorrow and with better photos! Hope all is well in your world!

Bridget - Well, my mouth is totally watering looking at that pizza! Somehow, my fruit salad and scrambled eggs just aren’t cutting it right now! 🙂 Glad you’re back and blogging!

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