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I greeted the morning with 15 minutes of yoga and a small, simple breakfast of French Vanilla organic yogurt, with a sprinkling of homemade organic granola.


It was an incredibly lovely way to begin the day. Later, the boys and I ran to the Fresh Market to pick up some things for my lunch with my friend Krista tomorrow. When we got home, my dad ran by to swab my cheek for HIV, part of the life insurance process. A little weird? Perhaps. After he left, I fixed lunch with simplicity again being the theme of the week. Leftover tuna salad on whole wheat bread, topped with organic romaine lettuce, along with an organic orange.


So good!!

I want to say a word here about mayonnaise. Recently I was reading on a blog that I like and the author, who lives in a town close to me, mentioned that Southerners favorite mayo is a brand called Dukes. Well, I must be even less Southern than I thought because this brand is one I absolutely detest. Can’t explain why, but it just tastes gross to me. My personal favorite is Hellmann’s which I believe on the West Coast goes by Best Foods brand. I have had fancy mayo, homemade mayo, and Hellmann’s is still at the top of my list. Just curious…do any of you have a favorite? Please let me know, I’m really interested! Maybe you hate mayo all together. Tell me that, too.

Check back later for the dinner update!


Tonight we had tuna and it was good! I seared it in a pan in which I had heated some canola oil, sesame oil, a pat of butter, some minced garlic, and freshly grated ginger. I did not season the tuna because I think it’s easy to overpower the delicious delicate taste that tuna has to offer. Also, it was important to be sure it wasn’t overcooked because we like it rare. With the tuna I served my favorite haricot verts which I had cooked in the same oil, garlic, and ginger combination, topped off with a sprinkling of salt and a couple of grinds of black pepper. It was really, really tasty.

dinner 9/26/07

I was trying to copy the taste of the tuna we had the other night and I did not accomplish that but our dinner was good in spite of that.

See you tomorrow!

jeena - Hi there you have a great blog,lovely recipes. Feel free to visit my blog too 🙂

Jeena xx

click here for food recipes

whimsigal - Thanks, Jeena! I think I may have gone there earlier today in fact but I will check it out again!


Nicole - Hi Evie,

I love that photo of the sandwich and oranges!! My favorite mayo is Best Foods/Hellmans although only the regular kind. The light mayo just tastes weird, I think I’d rather go without! 🙂 Have you ever tried making your own mayo? It’s something I’ve never done but want to try sometime. Great blog!

whimsigal - Nicole,

I totally agree. Light mayo has to go! Full fat is the only way I eat anything these days.

All of your photos are gorgeous! I’ve been trying to figure out how to take pictures like you do.

And I adore your blog!


VanderbiltWife - Wow, do your little ones eat rare tuna? I still won’t eat it for fear it might wake back up and eat me.

Your food pictures are gorgeous! Maybe you should submit them to Cooking Light. 🙂

PS Mayo is gross.

whimsigal - LOL NO my kids wouldn’t ever think of touching raw tuna. Their diet consists mostly of natural PB and honey sandwiches, organic chicken nuggets, spaghetti, grilled cheese sandwiches, uncured hot dogs, grapes, bananas, apples, and broccoli. My husband and I eat late because he doesn’t usually get home before 7:30 or 8 in the evening and the kids can’t wait that long.

Thanks for the compliment on my pics! I’m still learning but it’s so much fun to do it. I doubt Cooking Light would take my pictures since I don’t do any light cooking on here. That would be awesome though to get paid to take pictures of food.

Did you see where women react to great food photography in a similar manner to the way men react to porn? I know I have seen some things that took my breath away.

Check out this blog when you get a chance:

SHE’s got some pictures that will leave you drooling on your keyboard! LOL

PS My dh hates mayo too. I couldn’t possibly live without it.

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