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Once you get too far off track it can be really hard to right yourself. I think I have overdone it this week on the “junkier” fare because my appetite has increased somewhat and it must be related to the deviations. Today is the first day I’ve felt like I had better control over what I eat and that’s nice. It was beginning to feel like I was going to go of on some kind of binge so it feels good to step back from the edge. That’s a dangerous road I don’t want to go down!

My breakfast this morning was 2 eggs, fried in a little olive oil, and 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with butter. Again, I’m not a big fan of the yolk so I only ate one along with the two whites.

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I find that when I eat eggs for breakfast, it gives me a solid foundation on which to start the day. They just hold me over and help shield me from the urgent feeling of needing to eat that can arise from eating only a bowl of cereal. I can definitely see the importance of protein in a meal.

Lunch was basically a repeat of yesterday’s meal. Instead of warming up the leftover chicken I just ate it cold and it was extremely good. A small glass of sweet tea in a pretty glass accompanied my meal. When I make tea, I mix in slightly under 1/2 cup of sugar for 2 quarts of tea so it’s not overly sweet as some southern teas can be. I like it strong and not too sweet, and lately I’ve been enjoying unsweetened tea with lemon as well.

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To end the meal, I enjoyed two Newman’s Own oreo cookies. They are very chocolaty and I think one really would have sufficed.

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After dinner I will update this post. If I wait until later to put in the whole thing I find it hard to commit to doing it!


I was cooking a whole chicken for dinner, still am in fact. It was taking entirely too long to get done so I just went ahead and had a sandwich, some tea, and some organic corn chips with salsa.


You will see a whole sandwich in the picture but I ended up only eating half.

Also, tonight I made my own 100% Organic granola, using 5 Grain Oat Mix, cranberries, molasses, almonds, pecans, and sunflower seeds. Check it out:


On a different topic, I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately about eating organic food and it is so much more complicated than I gave it credit for. If you read my other blog then you may remember a rant I went on about how hard it is to eat healthy organic food from a financial standpoint. I was also upset about how hard it is to find organic food and why can’t the “big” food companies get into the game. Well, after doing a lot of reading, I can say that I finally get it and thank you to those of you who didn’t whip off a comment to me telling me what an idiot I was. There certainly is a lot more to it than I thought and I’m so glad I began researching the topic out of my own curiosity. There are so many good books on eating healthfully and I encourage you to check some out from the library or do what I did and buy used books via and educate yourself about what’s going on with the food industry in this country. It just may shock you!

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