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The day started out great. The puppy slept until almost 9am and the kids slept longer than that. I crept downstairs to check email and have some quiet time to myself in order to ponder what sustenance I would give my body today. Yesterday’s croissant and jam was decadent and delicious. Did I want to repeat that fare? Instead I settled on a “fried” egg (cage-free), Stonyfield French Vanilla Yogurt (3-4Tbs), and Bear Naked Granola (1Tbs) with dried fruit and nuts. It was fabulous! I used a little Pam (with apologies to Mother Earth) and cooked the egg in a frying pan with a touch of salt and freshly ground pepper. The only way I can eat the yolk is in egg salad or scrambled eggs so I only ate the white this morning. Once I had finished eating (about 15 mins) I poured myself a tiny cup of hazelnut coffee and added a touch of sugar and cream. A nice little ender to the meal.


Around 1:30 we decided it was time to eat again. Lunch was a simple affair which consisted of a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with 2 tsp mayo and 2 Claussen’s pickle slices. You will see a peach in the picture but once I finished the sandwich I was too full for the peach. I had a glass of whole milk to drink and was quite satisfied until dinner time at 6:30.

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Tonight we were celebrating my youngest brother-in-law’s 21st birthday. It was a cookout and as you see in the photo it had the standard cookout items. I chose a hot dog with a touch of slaw and mustard, heaping tablespoons of potato salad, nunu salad, and baked beans. Nunu salad is something my mother-in-law makes which is macaroni, tuna, and mayo. It’s not swimming in mayo though. Why they call it nunu salad I have no idea! Here’s my plate:

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My sister made the most beautiful cake. It was a Boston Creme Pie cake and man, it was good! I didn’t have a large slice but it was definitely more than I needed to eat. Here are a couple of photos of the cake pre-candles:

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Prior to this journey I now find myself on, I absolutely would have pigged out because I love all the things we had for dinner tonight. Hot Dogs are my all-time favorite food, in fact. But, with taking my time, eating slowly, and concentrating on taking small bites, I really had the opportunity to enjoy my meal, and eat less than I would have though possible before. When I fix my plate, I always take a portion that makes me believe I’ll be going back for seconds. As of yet, I haven’t done so. In fact, I’ve been sitting tonight watching Lord of the Rings on tv and haven’t even had one snack. Haven’t wanted one amazingly enough. It’s a wonderful feeling and it’s been a great day!

Stephanie - These pictures are gorgeous!

So – the thought and theory is that you are eating mindfully, is that right?
I “got that” for the first time today.
You think of your desired intention, and set out eating purposefully, other than “I’m starving! Quick! Food! Now!” Is that right?
Eating is slow and deliberate, and with intention of nourishing the body? – as opposed to just satisfying the stomach?

whimsigal - Thanks!

Yes, that is one aspect of what I’m doing. The other part is to eat quality food. Obviously, hot dogs and baked beans don’t fit into that category but when in Rome…just try to eat sparingly!

The goal is to have healthful quality food in the house to choose from and to eat only when I’m hungry. I’m hoping to have 3 meals and 1 snack per day, if I need it.

Also, it’s not eating lowfat. It’s about eating delicious foods, just in small portions. One of the ideas in “fat Fallacy” is that we eat too fast and don’t give our body the opportunity to tell us we’re full until it’s too late. I’m trying to take 20 minutes to eat each meal and I’m finding that by slowing down and eating the small portion, I actually get full on less than I would have imagined.

Does that make sense? I’m not the best at explaining things sometimes. Your statement though about the “intention of nourishing the body as opposed to just satisfying the stomach” is a pretty good summary.

Stephanie - Right (quality foods) I understand that.
What meant by intention, came from your comment/question “how do I wish to nourish myself today?”.

THe preperatation and pondering of the foods is deliberate, as I said, instead of a “MMMM FEED ME!” (in a monster voice) sort of thing.

I’m not doubting you, please understand, just trying to get to a place of adeptly following along for my own sake… curbing my own habits, as well.
It’s a damned shame that have an exhorbitantly high city library bill (fat fallacy), though there is still the county library system….

whimsigal - You have two library systems?? Wow.

I didn’t think you were doubting me at all. I just thought you were looking for clarification on the method.

Yes, the point is to try to avoid the rushed, shoving something in your mouth method of eating. You were completely correct in your original comment! Sorry I took it wrong!


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