Today’s Eats – Barely Anything

Today I had my doctor’s appointment, you know, the one where I was considering dressing my hoo-hoo in a costume? Well I chickened out of that but I had a good appointment nonetheless. I didn’t want to eat beforehand on account of I like that weight to be as low as possible! I was 192. It’s official, the three pounds I lost have been found. Darn it! After my appointment I went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch because I’m a self-medicator and I felt that was going to make me happy. It was tasty but I felt so guilty later for eating it. Here’s what I had:

Chick Fil-A Combo #1

With a sweet tea no less.

The rest of the day was spent carving a pumpkin and taking the kids to my mom’s for a visit. By the time we got home we were in Halloween preparation mode so I didn’t eat dinner. Well, I had a few packs of Halloween candy, but that certainly didn’t satisfy me! Now I’m really hungry but there’s no point in eating this late.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow because we have nowhere to go, Ryan has a playdate away from home in the afternoon, and the day after, I’m off to Disney World! yay!!

Hope you all had a great day and a happy, safe Halloween!

carri - Don’t feel bad about the chick-fil-a! That combo #1 is fantastic stuff! And seriously you can’t have chicken without sweet tea. You just can’t.

whimsigal - LOL Carri, can’t you move up here? 🙂

We could farm together! Come on!

Alisha - Oh man, I love Chick-fil-A! I wish we had one around here. Now I’m going to be craving one all day. (And I think the closest one is a 5 hour drive).

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