Today’s Eats – Off and Running!

What a great day this has been so far! Got up, fixed some breakfast and relaxed with a book for a while:

breakfast 9/24/07

First, I cooked some of that Hormel Natural Bacon, it has no nitrates or nitrites added. One piece for me and two for Iain. I’m not sure why, but this bacon doesn’t give off a lot of grease, not that I’m complaining about that, just curious about why that might be. What grease there was in the pan was used to cook my egg. In the meantime, I heated up a biscuit that I made last night from the dough leftover at dinner. Tasty, tasty breakfast!

My niece came over around 11:30 and stayed until 1pm. Then my dad came by to sell me some life insurance so I didn’t have lunch until 2:00.

lunch 9/24/07

My lunch consisted of a Hormel Natural Ham sandwich topped with Claussen pickle slices, organic romaine lettuce, mayo, and a grind or two of fresh black pepper. It was accompanied by 2 Tbs of roasted red pepper hummus and some organic corn chips. I really took my time and ate it slowly, enjoying all the different flavors that were there. After that, I treated myself to a square of silky, Belgian milk chocolate that I had bought at World Market the other day along with some whole milk from our local dairy. Fantabulous, let me tell you!

I’m still trying to figure out what dinner’s going to be but whatever it is I’m looking forward to cooking it, that’s for sure!


Tonight I didn’t feel like having the leftover BFC Chicken Stew with Biscuits. It is a very heavy meal and we were eating sort of late and last night I had some WEIRD dreams. Like, I was married to Ben Affleck (so cute) and I was a co-host on the View. There was a bombing at the studio and Ben (first-name basis here) died. We had a tiny baby and I was devastated. Frankly I was amazed that I didn’t wake up crying – it was SO real. Anyhoo, tonight’s dinner was grassfed beef, London Broil. I seasoned it with McCormick’s Montreal Steak Seasoning and cooked it under the broiler for about 15 minutes. Also I fixed some organic yukon gold mashed potatoes and tiny, sweet peas. Sometimes simplicity really is best.

london broil

And here’s a nice close-up of all the seasonings. They were pretty spicy!


Today felt like a really good day eatswise. Looking forward to tomorrow!

Rinnyboo - Holy crap! Is your dad an insurance salesman too? I swear we are twins seperated at birth!

whimsigal - ROFL Oh man! That is WEIRD!!

Stephanie - “My dad came over to sell me some insurance”
that was really funny, considering your history!
I’m rolling my eyes over here!

gorgeous pics, as always!

whimsigal - Steph, you made me giggle so hard! I’m glad you were able to find some humor in that.


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