Trying New Things

Well, things feel like they’re getting back to normal around here.  The food I’m preparing and consuming is healthier fare than it has been and, I’m back into the swing of exercising.  Exercising always makes me feel better!  With all of that feeling like it is under control, of course I feel a need to stir things up and give myself something else to worry about.  Lately that thing has been my dining room.

In our house, we have a tiny kitchen.  Super tiny.  I call it my walk-in kitchen.




It looks a little bit different than that now but it’s too dirty for me to take a current pic for you.  Anyway, we don’t have an eat-in kitchen.  Well, you CAN eat in there if you feel like standing at the counter or over the sink but, it’s not exactly the most pleasant dining experience.  For me, part of eating well is enjoying the space in which I eat, too.  It is important to engage as many of my senses as possible so, the ambience of where a meal is eaten is particularly important.  Since we don’t have an eat-in kitchen, we placed a table in our family room where we can all sit for casual meals, and it has worked out fine for the last couple of years.  However, we have a dedicated dining room that is actually off the kitchen and I have been wanting to use it more instead.  The only problem was our table.  It was a hand-me-down from my parents and was a gorgeous table, just totally not our style.  Our family is not formal and this table couldn’t possibly feel more formal to me!!


I tried and tried to casual this table up but to no avail.  The room you see above used to be our family room and has a fireplace in it so, we moved the dining room in there thinking it might soften the formalness of the table a bit but, nope.  Still felt like that room in your grandmother’s house where you’re not supposed to touch anything.  Ever.  That is not what I wanted.  We LIVE here and the room absolutely must welcome that.  So began my journey to look for a “new” table, one that would truly reflect our personalities and our lifestyle.  One that would be so warm and inviting that you couldn’t help but want to sit at it, even when it’s not meal time.  Honestly, I almost gave up hope of ever finding what I was looking for.  The bar had been set rather high once I visited this blog, Posie Gets Cozy. If you scroll down in the post linked, you will see the most inviting table and will want to jump through the screen immediately and enjoy a hot cuppa and some good conversation.  Seriously, don’t tarry on her blog unless you want to get lost in post after post of crafty, beautiful goodness.  But I digress.  Her room has the exact feel that I was going for!  Yet, it seemed like it was impossible for me to find that around here.  See, where I live, there seems to be a prevalence of either formal or pine country furniture and not so much of the oak, rustic variety.  This table seemed like it was going to be my great white whale.  On Monday though, things took a serendipitous turn.

My husband had Monday off so we went downtown to do some antiquing.  The store we wanted to visit was closed for some kind of inventory update so we grudgingly headed to the store next door.  I was disappointed because I had seen something on the first store’s website that I really wanted to look at in person.  We walked in to Mary’s Antiques and immediately saw an improvement over the things I had been seeing elsewhere.  Suddenly, the search didn’t seem quite so hopeless.  We went from the front room into the second and there it was.  My table.  yes, I’m calling it MY table and my husband is totally ok with that, aren’t you honey?  🙂  So, it was an old English pub table with a really cool design on the base.  My husband played it low key.  He said the minute he saw the table, he knew I was going to want it but, we walked around the whole store anyway just to be sure.  That table was the one!!  And here it is:

Now, doesn’t that feel so much more inviting that that other one??  Let me tell you something.  Since bringing this table home on Monday, it has seen more action than our other table had in years.  We sit here for breakfast, lunch, dinner, homework, and just plain hanging out.  It fits perfectly in front of the fireplace and I couldn’t be more in love with it.  If that weren’t enough, the table and all the chairs together only cost $400.  I think that is a steal!!!

This morning, I broke out my tea infuser and sat down and enjoyed a cup of Irish breakfast tea along with a warm croissant.  Does it get any better than that in the morning?  I just don’t think so.

Finally, this pretty tablecloth has a place where it can rest and look right at home.  It looked just plain silly on my other table!!!  Now, I have to figure out the rest of the room.  It needs a rug, window treatments, and some different side pieces of furniture.  But everything is going to happen with baby steps.  Right now, I’m going to focus on the joy this new table brings.  It has ushered in a whole new sense of togetherness in our home and that is truly beautiful!!

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