WOO! I made it! I didn’t overdo it this Thanksgiving holiday and that feels like a real accomplishment. Many times holidays are an excuse for me to overindulge but for some reason, this year was different. Perhaps it is the permission I grant myself on a daily basis to eat whatever I choose thereby defeating any associations with denial. Denial always sets me up for a binge. Also, we didn’t spend exorbitant amounts of time with my sister which also seems to be a binge trigger. She and I are not good for each other that way. We each enable the other to give in to our baser desires for food. Perhaps it’s a subconscious wish to see the other fail in our respective quests for weight loss. Damn, sibling rivalry is rough!

Thursday, I got up and had a croissant for breakfast. It was a low-key morning because we were heading over to my sister’s for Thanksgiving lunch. There, I was quite good about putting a TASTE of each item on my plate and not heaps of food. As a result, I didn’t overeat and suffer needlessly. Later, we went to Sean’s mom’s house and thankfully I was still content from our late lunch so I didn’t eat anything there. I did eat something when we got home but I don’t remember it being much of anything. The rest of the weekend is a blur eatswise but there weren’t any calorically crazy meals. Today, I did actually roast a turkey breast, make cornbread dressing and green bean casserole. We have leftovers but not a ton so it will not be Gorgefest around here.

I feel really good about how I handled eating this week. We did eat out once but I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich. I feel like things are finally under control and like I’m really ready to face this challenge head-on.

Here’s to a new week of good eats!


Food at my sister’s house.


All my boys on Turkey Day. Don’t they look handsome?!

Jill - They looked so handsome Evie! Ryan got to wear his bow tie!:)

whimsigal - Hey!

LOL He only wore it for the photos! After all the begging he did for it, too. Oh well! At least he has it when the mood strikes.

Thanks for leaving a comment! 🙂

Rinnyboo - Ryan in a bowtie! Too cute!!

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