Weight Down A Little More!

Got up this morning and weighed 189. Yeah baby!! It has been a good while since that number popped up on the scale. I’m feeling really good about losing weight and getting healthy following Will Clower’s method. I’ve been feeling better, sharper mentally, and just plain good! Now with starting yoga as well I expect to feel even more energetic as things progress.

Thanks for staying with me, friends!

Rinnyboo - Woo hoo for getting under 190! That is awesome, Evie.

I went to one of those paint-your-own pottery places last week with some friends and I chose a little square plate to paint. Now I have my own pretty plate to use for dinner.

Thanks for the inspiration…

whimsigal - Marin,

Thanks for the congrats! You can’t see me but I’m clapping my hands wildly for you because not only did you get a small square plate but you got artistic and made it your own!

based on the work you did with the Doh!-nut and the Harry Potter Wand I bet that plate looks FABULOUS, too!


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