What I ate yesterday

Well, in an effort to “do better” eatswise, I got up yesterday and ate my favorite simple breakfast, a croissant and a small glass of milk. This breakfast is so good and so filling that I didn’t eat again until much, much later. However, what I ate later was not a great choice, two of my favorite christmas cookies. They tasted delicious though!

For dinner, I decided to try Mama Podkayne’s Turkey Tetrazzini recipe and it was delicious. The only thing I did differently was to add some parsley flakes, chopped mushroom, and italian style bread crumbs to the top. Follow the link and get her recipe, it was really quite good! I had a small serving of that along with a salad topped with a tsp of Caesar Dressing.

This morning I awoke with a killer sinus headache, and even after advil it’s still bothering me. I feel dizzy and out of sorts, too. Really sucks. Anyway, I had another helping of the tetrazzini for breakfast and the advil makes it feel like it’s jus sitting there. Eat first THEN take advil, not vice versa! Otherwise you’ll have a lead balloon in your tummy. As a result of that I will be skipping lunch today! LOL

I will try to update later with the dinner meal.

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