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This blog has been less about what I’m eating and more about what I’m doing lately.  Sorry about that!!  I just haven’t been doing any interesting cooking to share with you all.  Most of my meals have been of the frozen variety, Lean Cuisines, because they’re easy and fast.  I will tell you that my faves in the Lean Cuisine lineup are Salisbury Steak w/mac & cheese, Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes, and the Tortilla Crusted Fish with rice.  I pair those with one cup of frozen broccoli and have a pretty satisfying meal.  Another thing I’ve been eating a lot of lately is Gorton’s frozen fish entrees.  They are really quite good – low calorie, low sodium, yet tasty.  Fish is something that I am not confident about buying or preparing so these little frozen entrees have been such a life-saver.

Last week I came down with what must be the ass-kicking cold of Winter 2013.  Good GRAVY it laid me low!!!  Fever, chills, cough, aches.  Oh it was HORRIBLE.  Today is the first day I really feel human again.  You know how when you have a cold you really don’t want to eat “healthy”?  You really want comfort food.  Well, I totally gave in to each and every whim because I just felt like crap and didn’t care.  Luckily, it doesn’t seem to have affected my weight at this point but may take a couple more days to really let itself be known.  Fingers crossed that I made it through that bump in the road unscathed!

One thing I mentioned previously was how our new table really has brought us together as a family.  It sounds ridiculous on the face of it because how can a daggone table do that?  But we really do connect more over our meals now that we’re in the dining room, away from the TV.  The other night we all sat down and ate by fire and candlelight and it was just great!  Here are some pics of my family:



This is my teenager.  He is so totally over having his picture taken.



This is my tween.  Here he is wearing his self-composed Doctor Who outfit.  🙂





This is my hubby.  I just love him.  🙂

I know by eating together, we’re making memories that our kids will take with them long after they grow up and have their own homes and families.  I have many wonderful memories of dinner with my parents and sister growing up.  Hopefully my boys will treasure these meals as much as I do!

Well, that is all the news from me right now.  I hope all is well in your world!!

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