Where Do I Begin?

So, forgive my long absence. I have been so uninspired and, even though my last post had me thinking I had my kitchen mojo back, I found out that was not the case at all. And even now, I have no idea how many times dinner will be homemade during the week but let me tell you this, my goal is to cook 100% of the time. Or if I don’t want to cook then we will go out somewhere that uses local ingredients. Why? Because last night we watched “Food, Inc.”, that’s why.

If you haven’t seen that movie, don’t wait. It’s a watch instant on Netflix right now or you can purchase it somewhere I’m sure. This movie totally rocked our world. Even my chicken nugget, french fry, coke drinking, happy meal eating children have sworn that they don’t want to eat “like that” anymore. We have had really involved conversations about shopping at our local farmers market and supporting people close to home. The boys are totally on board with that, and they’re even excited at the thought of meeting the people that grow our food. The farmers have become their new rock stars, people to be admired, and I’m cool with that.

In keeping with our new philosophy, the boys and I headed to Earthfare, an organic market in town, and we picked up some supplies for tonight’s dinner. My oldest and I decided to share a grass-fed ribeye and with that I served a tomato-mozzarella salad prepared with basil from my mom’s own garden. Well, maybe I should say my dad’s garden because he’s really the one that plants and takes care of everything. Anyway, the basil was SO fragrant! Never have I purchased any basil from the grocery store and had it smell so amazingly potent. Here is a photo of the finished product:

I used organic grape tomatoes as well as organic fresh mozz. Man, oh man! It was divine!! The ribeye was surprising to me. Having never eaten grass-fed beef before I didn’t know what to expect so, upon popping the first bite in my mouth I was surprised by the gamey taste that greeted me. I like lamb so I really liked this beef! It’s not as strong tasting as lamb but it certainly had echoes of that flavor.

Eating this way is going to be a lot more expensive and is going to require a lot more planning. After watching that movie though it became evident to me that we are not eating *right* much of the time and something’s got to give. Hopefully, eating this way will teach my children about where our food comes from and how to feed yourself as healthfully as possible!

Anonymous - Our family watched “Food Inc”, months ago and it changed our world as well!!
Great blog!

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