Yesterday’s Eats

Yesterday was a crazy day but a really good day, too. We got up and went to visit Nan, Sean’s mom, because the boys had been complaining that we hadn’t visited with her in a while. I wasn’t hungry when we left so I ate lunch when we got home. I prepared a ham sandwich on whole wheat bread with pickles, lettuce, some mayo, and a grind or two of fresh pepper. Also, I sliced a couple of strawberries to add a little personality to the plate! I did eat them though.


Then Sean and I took the boys out shopping at Toys R Us and got them each a couple of things. Oh, we took me to World Market so I could get a couple of things too! I was looking for a new plate, something pretty but there wasn’t anything there that really wowed me so I bought a fancy chocolate bar instead! When we got home Sean and I spent at least an hour cleaning up the disgusting playroom – and when I say disgusting I mean disgusting, friends! Tiny bits of styrofoam, cotton candy, MOUSE POOP, all over the place. It was horrible!! To be fair, the mouse poop was old and behind the TV but it was g-r-o-s-s nonetheless.

After that difficult and exhausting task, I just couldn’t face getting into the kitchen and cooking so we went out to a local restaurant that we had not been to before called Tripps. It serves general American fare and it was pretty good. They of course brought this to the table first:


I had two small slices spread with a thin layer of butter. Sean ordered an appetizer for us of seared Ahi Tuna served with wasabi, chinese mustard, and a teriyaki dipping sauce. Man that was good! I’m going to start eating more tuna because frankly it was better than the steak I had for dinner later!


God, I’m hungry just looking at that and it’s 8am! LOL Anyway, we both ordered filet mignon, Sean’s was crusted with horseradish and mine was undressed. It came with a choice of house salad or caesar and we both chose the caesar:


Usually Caesar salad is my favorite but last night it just had entirely too much garlic in it for me and as a result, I hardly ate any. A little while later, our steaks arrived at the table:


My steak was more done than I wanted and a little bit tough for the cut of meat. To me a filet should almost be like butter and this was almost like eating sirloin or a ribeye. It was fine but not something for me go ga-ga over!

My new book came yesterday, “The French Don’t Diet Plan”, by Dr. will Clower and as promised I read it so I could tell you which version of his book is better. Between this one and the “Fat Fallacy”, the new one gives a lot more detail about HOW to eat this way and for that reason I would recommend the newest one over “Fat Fallacy”. That said, there is some good reading in the “fat Fallacy” and if you can swing ordering both then I would do that. There are recipes in that one that weren’t included in the new one and I’d hate for you to miss out on those. Really, reading this book last night re-energized me andhas helped me see what I’ve been doing “wrong” these past few weeks and I’m ready to start anew. It’s almost as though you have to become a food snob and completely turn away from eating any kind of processed food. He gives some really compelling arguments in the book and I’m going to take some time today to plan my meals for the week so I can shop accordingly.

I hope you all consider ordering his book. Even if you don’t need to lose weight it offers you a chance to learn how to eat healthfully without falling into the trap of tasteless low-fat, low-cal, or low-carb foods.

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