Yesterday’s Eats – Birthday!

One might think that celebrating a birthday without a cake is a bad thing but I’m here to tell you that you can recognize your birthday without a cake and live to talk about it!

Yesterday morning I got up and opened my gifts which included some new camera and computer gear. I also received a birthday present I ordered for myself which was a book on digital photography. I’ve been incredibly inspired by some of the photos over at Flickr and really want to improve my skills so I tried something new when shooting my breakfast images. I couldn’t really tell a difference but I’m trying! Breakfast was quite simple, two buttermilk biscuits with a touch of Bonne Maman cherry preserves. I adore cherry jelly, especially on biscuits…

Birthday Breakfast

This held me over for a long time, surprisingly and later I had some leftover Shepherd’s Pie for lunch.


For dinner, Sean asked the boys where they wanted to take me and they, of course, wanted Mario’s Pizza. However I wasn’t in the mood for a big greasy slice of pizza so instead I had a big greasy burger at Fincastle’s, a diner downtown. LOL

birthday dinner

It wasn’t greasy actually. We hadn’t eaten there before but the menu looked like fun, Cherry Crush, baby cokes with peanuts, fried pickles. I didn’t have any of that, though I was sorry I didn’t order a Cherry Crush because I loved those when I was a little girl. The burger was really tasty. A lot of places do not season their burgers and this one had a great combination of pepper and salt. Really good. I ordered onion rings as my side because I’m a total sucker for them:

onion rings

These were good, too but they could have used a touch of salt. It’s hard to beat the flavor of a salty onion ring dredged in ketchup. Mmmmmm, that’s tasty!!

After dinner, Sean wanted to take me to our most decadent local bakery called Ganache. They have the most incredible cakes and are the only game in town to go to when you have a special occasion and you want to get something other than the standard cavity-inducing fare offered at the grocery store. They made our wedding cake and that was to die for! Anyway, I was so full after dinner though I decided to wait until tonight to get some cake. The kids are spending the night with my parents so maybe Sean and I will head over to Ganache later and enjoy something gorgeous with a cup of coffee. Here’s what my plate looked like at the end of dinner by the way:

The End

After dinner, we headed over to my favorite book store and there I was able to buy $250 worth of books for $84. I love the used book store! I picked up The Joy of Cooking, How to Bake, and The New Basics Cookbook. Also got a couple of books on parties, a Celtic activity book for kids (super cool), a Marvel Encyclopedia and a photography book. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

I didn’t miss the cake one bit. It was a great birthday!

carri - What a fantastic way to spend a birthday. Those onion rings have me drooling a bit.

whimsigal - Onion rings are so good aren’t they?

How are you?? I can’t wait to get my Fall Craft Package!


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