Yesterday’s Eats

All in all, yesterday was a good eats day. Today hasn’t started off well but I’m going to take hold of that now and eat well the rest of the day.

Yesterday I had my usual breakfast:


But I added grits and a clementine. One of my friends, MamaPodkayne, had wondered about my earlier complaint about clementines not being as flavorful as oranges. She will be happy to know that the one in this photo was full of juicy sweetness and worth every single bite. It was delicious!

A note about eggs. I try to get organic eggs. Lately I’ve had some bad luck with a brand sold here called “Be Family”. The quality has not been consistent and many times I have cracked one only to be overwhelmed by the smell of fish. As a result, I’ve stopped buying that brand and now buy my grocery store’s Cage Free eggs. For years, I have HATED to eat the yolk and would only eat the white when I fried an egg but the Cage Free and organic egg yolks taste amazing. There’s no bite to them as in a mass-produced egg. Also, check this out:

Organic Eggs are the best!
Look how high that yolk sits. A regular egg yolk is much flatter. These are a gorgeous color, too!

Ok, back to what I ate yesterday. For lunch I hit the rotisserie chicken again for what I think is the last meal I’m going to get out of it. After tearing some romaine leaves, I topped them with some chicken, grapes, green olives, and a few chopped pecan pieces. Add to that some bacon bits and a touch of ranch dressing and you have the salad I ate for lunch. With it I had some of those tiny toasts you can buy at the store spread with some herbed goat cheese. My god, that was so good. The cheese was mild and so incredibly creamy. It was a very sensory lunch!

Now, that lunch lasted for a while but by late afternoon I needed a little something so I fixed this:

Hot tea and a Le Petit Ecolier cookie. I think that means “schoolboy” in French. THey’re really good. Crisp cookie, not too sweet, topped with milk, dark, or white chocolate. Yum!

By Dinnertime, I was tired and decided to heat up one of the frozen meals my mom had prepared for me, Beef Stroganoff.

beef stroganoff
I had to cook the noodles but the oven did all the work on the rest!

I splurged a bit and induglged a desire for something buttery and had a cherry turnover with a tiny bit of vanilla ice cream.
Truth be told, I shouldn’t have eaten all of it. Half would have been more than enough. Next time, I’ll split one with my hubby, but this is all about learning how to eat in proper portions. Now I know better for next time!

Today’s going to be kind of crazy because we’re having a play date during my normal lunchtime so I may have to eat something earlier than normal but check back tomorrow to see!

Mama Podkayne - If my DH would let me name this babe Clementine I would. They are my favourite! I am glad you finally got a good one!!!

whimsigal - You really do love them, don’t you?!


Mama Podkayne - Yup. Wish I lived where I could grow them. I also love grapefruit.

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